UKSRG Conference Slips,Trips and falls 2016

Slips, trips and falls are the biggest cause of unintentional injury in the world today. This 2 day international conference will share the latest research and ideas to help develop solutions to reduce the incidence and impact of this ongoing problem. Slips, trips and falls on the level, stair falls and falls from height will all be addressed and updated with the latest thinking. The Conference Co-Chairs are Steve Thorpe, Chair, United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group and Richard Bowman, Chair, Slips, Trips and Falls Technical Committee, International Ergonomics Association.
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Conference itinerary

The UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) is pleased to present the programme of events for the 2016 Slips, Trips & Falls Conference. Conference participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about the latest slips, trips & falls research through a diverse range of practical workshops, technical sessions and panel discussions led by internationally-renowned experts.

Monday 3rd October

Welcome Reception for Overseas Guests (19:00) Location: Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, London

The Conference Organising Committee is pleased to invite overseas guests to an informal reception at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall.

Tuesday 4th October

Conference Open (10:00)

The Chairman of the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG), Steve Thorpe, will initiate conference proceedings. He will be joined by Christopher Hackett (Classic Marble).

Chair: Steve Thorpe (UKSRG)
Falls Investigation and Regulation in the UK (10:10) Speakers: Rob Shaw (HSL) , Toby Thorp (City of London Corporation), James Harvey (BLM Law)

Rob will discuss the role of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL). He will outline the types of falls routinely investigated, and HSE / HSL's preferred methods of testing. Rob will also discuss a number of anonymised examples of investigations HSL have conducted.

Slip Resistance – The Tile Association perspective (11:05) Speaker: Simon Hall (Lucideon)

The Tile Association (TTA) is a leading authority on issues related to tiling. This non-technical presentation intends to provide a complete overview of factors to consider when specifying, managing or maintaining a hard floor. Topics covered will include cleaning, test methods (pendulum, shod & barefoot) and appropriate measures to avoid contamination. Common misconceptions will also be addressed.

This presentation will be of particular interest to specifiers, architects, facilities managers and risk & safety managers.

Coffee Break (11:25)
Chair: Gary Bateman (Forbo Flooring)
Developments in Slip Resistance - Part I (11:55)

This technical session will offer short presentations from a diverse range of speakers, introducing the latest developments from the world of slip resistance. A selection of the advances discussed include:

  • The way forward for slips, trips & falls research (Richard Bowman).

  • Updates from the latest SlipSTD Meeting (Brian Newell).

  • Investigating the relationship between slip angle in the ramp test and the Coefficient of Friction (COF) values measured with the cart-type friction measurement devices (Takeshi Yamaguchi).

Lunch & Networking (12:55)
Chair: Paul Lemon (Hawkins)
Developments in Slip Resistance - Part II (13:40)
  • The practical use of topography measurements in assessing the slip risk posed by a particular surface (Marcel Engels).

  • Developments to the British Pendulum Tester (BPT) to incorporate digital measurement, automatic recording of results and user instructions (Isobel Daley).

  • Using a multi-dimensional computational model to predict friction between a shoe and floor (Kurt Beschorner).

  • Spanish Pre-regulatory Research in Slip Resistance (Juan Queipo de Llano and Elena Frías)

Effective Entrance Flooring Systems (15:00) Speaker: Paul Rogers (Forbo Flooring)

The entrance of any building is the primary gateway for contamination from the great outdoors.

This informative presentation will outline the key factors to consider when specifying an entrance flooring system. If correctly chosen, an appropriate entrance flooring system will guard against the risk of wet and dry contaminants entering a building. This offers significant benefits including a reduction in slip hazards, protection of internal aesthetics and enhanced performance properties of other interior finishes.

Coffee (15:20)
Chair: John Myers (Surface Control)
Specification of Safety Vinyl Floor Coverings – Don’t Slip Up! (15:50) Speaker: Mike Minett (Polyflor)

There are many situations in which resilient safety flooring may be required. This session will provide information the key types of safety flooring and outline future developments in this important area.

Ladders (16:10) Speaker: Kurt Beschorner

This session will consider the effects of pull strength, hand placement and foot placement on ladder fall severity.

Chair: Rob Shaw (HSL)
Falls from Height Workshop (16:30) Speaker: Nigel Ellis (Ellis Fall Safety Solutions), Jamie Pimblett-Speck (Lucideon), David Riches (Safety Squared)

Nigel Ellis, an international authority in the field of industrial and construction fall protection, will lead a workshop on the issue of falls from height. During his session, the following topics will be covered:

  • Fragile Roof: Skylights/Rooflights - The future of Plastic domes

  • Ladder Extension w/Three Point Control - Climbing Principle

  • Fall Protection for Cell Towers/Poles/Rooftops

Drinks & Networking (18:00)

There will be the opportunity to reflect on the day's proceedings over informal drinks at the conference venue, before heading for dinner at the nearby Ironmongers' Hall.

Gala Dinner (19:00) Location: Ironmongers' Hall, City of London

We are pleased to invite conference participants to join us at our gala dinner. Held in the beautiful Ironmongers' Hall, this will provide an excellent opportunity to relax and network with industry experts from around the world.

Wednesday 5th October

Chair: Mark Redfern (University of Pittsburgh)
Practical Ways to Address Slip Risk (09:00)

A technical session with an emphasis on equipping viewers with a selection of practical strategies to minimize slip risk. A number of speakers will present on an array of topics including:

  • Providing a system-based approach for understanding slip risk (Christoph Wetzel).

  • Managing slips in a large chain of restaurants/pubs (Darren Read)

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of winter footwear on ice and snow (Alison Novak).

  • Risk factors for occupational slips among police officers and school crossing guards (Chantal Gauvin)

  • Pedestrian Slip Safety - A Practical Guide for Busy Professionals (Rebecca Findlay-Debeck)

  • Avoiding common mistakes arising from misguided specification, installation and maintenance of flooring (Ben Powers).

Coffee (11:00)
Chair: Steve Thorpe (UKSRG)
Barefoot Workshop (11:30) Speakers: Jake Pauls (Jake Pauls Consulting), Jim Flynn (J2 Engineering), Christopher Hackett (Classic Marble), Richard Bowman (Intertile Research), Simon Hall (Lucideon), Christian Harris (Bonasystems), Isobel Daley (Munro Instruments), Juan Manuel Iriarte (Laboratorio de Resbaladicidad)

It is well-established that wet areas in which pedestrians are barefoot (e.g. swimming pools, changing rooms, bathrooms) pose significant risks to users. Indeed, one of the greatest challenges faced by those with a duty of care is ensuring these areas are managed in such a way as to minimise slip risk.

This absorbing workshop will explore the latest in barefoot best practice including floor specification, cleaning, bathroom design and in-bath slip assessment.

This workshop should be attended by anyone with a responsibility for designing or managing areas used by barefoot pedestrians, and those involved in the manufacture of products for these areas.

Lunch (12:45)
Chair: Isobel Daley (Munro Instruments)
Ergonomics Biomechanics (13:30)

Understanding the interaction between humans and their surrounding environment is key to developing our knowledge of the causes of slips, trips and falls. The speakers presenting in this engaging technical session will provide insight into different aspects of this interaction. Papers will be presented on the following areas:

  • Biomechanical assessment of stairway design to reduce the risk of falls (Alison Novak).

  • The required coefficient of friction (RCOF) needed to maintain stability when turning versus walking straight (Takeshi Yamaguchi).

Chair: Mike Roys (BRE)
Stairs Workshop (14:10) Speaker: Jake Paul (Jake Pauls Consulting Services)

Jake Pauls, an internationally renowned ergonomist, will lead a workshop on stairway design, usability and safety. Jake will present thought-provoking content on topics including:

  • The nature of Stairway-related missteps

  • Strategies to prevent/mitigate stairway-related missteps

  • Stairway-related safety standards

Chair: Richard Bowman (Intertile Research)
Closing Panel Discussion (15:40)

The conference will close with a panel discussion, drawing together the lessons learnt across two days and outlining a way forward. This session will provide an opportunity to engage in an interactive and stimulating discussion on the future of slips, trips and falls.

NB: The conference organisers reserve the right to modify the timing and content of this itinerary at any time.

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